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ilead Integrated Solutions

ilead Integrated Solutions

Today’s global marketplace sets a demanding target of offering multi-faceted, multi-channeled solutions which are capable of keeping customer information centralized and accessible to a multitude of corporate users without sacrificing security.

EDMS Solutions

EDMS Solutions

ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate Solutions

iLead, the leading provider of a new breed of business solutions designed to maximize the productivity of Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship Management, while maximizing the quality of service delivered through collaboration, knowledge management, self-service, automated workflow management, documents and efficient inventory control. The flexibility of iLead provides companies the unique ability to start with a cost-effective approach and deploy within days. Designed for quick implementation and ease-of-use, iLead solutions can be deployed either as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering or on-premise business solution, allowing you to focus on corporate growth opportunities while fulfilling your customers and employee’s needs.

iLead solutions are categorized into four major classifications that include Real Estate, Health Care, ERP Solutions and Enterprise Document Management Systems. These solutions are designed using latest technologies and purely from the perspective of the business-oriented environment.

EDMS Solutions

iLead offers several Enterprise Document Management Systems to suit a variety of business needs. Our most featured product is iDOX, the all in one package that helps your business eliminate paper completely while giving your business a complete documents management revamp.

With iLead EDMS your organization will not only become paperless but also fulfill its social responsibility by becoming environment-friendly.

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  • iDOX-logo

    iDOX Soft is a Document Management System designed for enterprises of all levels and sizes. The system captures document... More Details

  • iWORKFLOW-logo

    iWORKFLOW is a Simple Workflow System that is managed to create, manage and use real-life business processes. In additio... More Details

  • iCapture-logo

    Leveraging the full potential of enterprise document management systems and workflows requires a constant supply of high... More Details

  • iCorrespondence-logo

    Multilingual, web-based correspondence management system that automates and facilitates incoming and outgoing paperwork ... More Details

ERP Solutions

iLead ERP solutions are used globally because of their flexibility, user-friendly interface and availability of almost all functionalities that any business requires. Whether your business is involved in Human Resource Management, Finance, Supply Chain, Retail, Marketing, Customer Service or Inventory Management; iLead Matrixel ERP offers your business definitive results whilst decreasing the overall workload and operating cost while positively increasing revenues.

Take your business to new dimensions with iLead ERP Solutions.

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  • Matrixel CRM-logo
    Matrixel CRM

    Matrixel CRM Software is a Customer Relationship Management solution that connects sales, marketing and customer support... More Details


    MATRIXEL HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is enabling firms around the world to transform their HR functions from... More Details


    MATRIXEL Finance & AMS (Accounting Management System) offers a complete account management solution to cater to your bus... More Details


    MATRIXEL IMS (Inventory Management Solution) is a complete ERP inventory management system that helps your business keep... More Details

Real Estate Solutions

iLead Real Estate software solutions provide your business with a large number of different business functions that include inventory management, marketing & sales automation, customer care, brokerage management, credit & collection management, rich graphical interfaces, e-transactions with elaborate reporting options and multiple project support. Some of our major real estate programs include Reliance, Activa Enterprise, Foresite, Foresite Legacy Activa Bro and iActiva.

iLead products help you in conducting leasehold and time sharing real estate business.

Explore iLead Real Estate Solutions and streamline your real estate business with the most up-to-date products.

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    ACTIVA Enterprise is a customer relationship management solution that provides the capabilities needed to connect market... More Details


    Foresite Legacy is a web-based Customers Relation Management system (CRM) specially developed for real-estate developers... More Details

  • ACTIVIA-logo

    iACTIVA completes a full circle by allowing your customers to access a user-friendly web portal in order to communicate ... More Details

  • RELIANCE-logo

    RELIANCE is a Real Estate Inventory Management solution that provides facilities needed to manage conventional Real Esta... More Details