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MATRIXEL HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is enabling firms around the world to transform their HR functions from predominantly administrative departments to functions that develop and deliver programs to improve workers efficiency. People-related costs now constitute the majority of total corporate expenditures and leading firms have embraced the need to better manage their human capital and build a more effective workforce.

Human Resource Management

With Matrixel HRMS your business can manage employee life cycles, manage organizations and attendance management. Moreover, your HR department can now work more efficiently and offer proper compensation and benefits to the employees.

Talent Management

The HRMS helps in talent acquisition and management by offering several functionalities that include goal management, succession planning, performance appraisal and management and career development administration.

Recruitment Management

With the help of recruitment management module, your business can now keep a track of all applicants, schedule interviews, keep a track of newly hired resources and perform all recruitment tasks.

Payroll Management Solution

Matrixel HRMS (Hr System) makes payroll management easy by helping your business keep a track of all transactions, salaries, bonuses and other monetary benefits offered to the employees.

Key Features

  • Gain A Complete Picture Of Your Workforce
  • Understand Your Entire People Cost
  • Empower Business Leaders Through Self-Service
  • Easily Configure To Your Specific Business Needs
  • Take Action At The Point Of Decision

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