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Foresite Legacy is a web-based Customers Relation Management system (CRM) specially developed for real-estate developers & enterprise companies that own or act as the owner of its real-estate inventory.

You might be asking yourself, “What is CRM and why does my company need it?” in fact; Customer Relationship Management is more straightforward than most people think.
At its best, CRM gives companies information to better understand their existing and potential customers, which can then feed into sales, marketing, and customer service functions. A good CRM system creates a two-way interaction between customer and business by combining technology, methodology, and operational processes into a framework that continuously provides customer behavioral information.

OK, so why does your company need a CRM plan? As you know, success is built around the customer experience. The more you know about your customers’ buying habits, the better you can tailor your approach to those customers as well as future customers. CRM is about driving the most customer value your company can offer.
Think of it less as a technology and more as a business strategy

New company-wide standards
Your current customer relationship model could be negatively affecting the customer experience if everything is fragmented.
Producing a standardized approach across all channels — such as retail/agent locations, call centers and online services — will reduce the risk of losing customers.

New personalized approach
Customers are unique, even if they want the same things. By creating a human-driven approach to customer interaction, people will be more likely to connect with your company.

New connections
There are more methods of communication today than ever before. Communicating across social media and mobile devices are some of the ways to put a personal touch on customer interaction.

Prioritize customers over the company
The customer experience must be the central theme of a CRM strategy to produce new revenue.

Multi Project Support
• Project-specific virtual 2D maps, land plots, and interior views.
• Unit-specific photographs.

Rich Graphical Interface
• Interactive virtual maps.
• 2D animations.
• Real life pictures.
• Plots.

Key Features

  • Dashboard and counters.
  • Inventory Management for projects and related units.
  • Marketing and Pre-Sales Activities.
  • Contacts module.
  • Follow-ups & notifications module.
  • Calendar module.
  • Sales and Contracts.
  • Targets and Commissions.
  • Admin users’ module with 4 nested user’s levels and roles permissions.
  • Pricing module.
  • Affiliated users in contacts, customers and contracts.
  • Built-in reports.
  • Contract & E-form builder.
  • Master plan builder.
  • Responsive designs.

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