File storage and quick retrieval of the documents are the two main challenges of legal document management systems that bring services to law firms.

The legal industry depends on :

Managing various case files and documents in appropriate hierarchy and categorization

Updating case files with latest information and documents as and when more evidence or information is collected

Protecting the client information and data in the case files from leak or unauthorized deletion

Referencing other related case records to strengthen their case or for better understanding of the Law

What’s iLaw?

A document filing and retrieving software or paperless office solution providing specific features to enable the legal industry to manage their legal documents.

With iLaw Cloud are the most accessible legal document management tool from anywhere by anyone with credentials.

Why you should use this solution?

We have discovered the core issues that bother lawyers:

  • Search for keywords within the file binder.
  • Hard to retrieve the documents.
  • No ability to annotate and amend case files.
  • Unknown status of a particular case.
  • Lack of alerts and notifications.
  • Synchronization with originals and version control.
  • Bulks of paper to carry on the move.
  • Slow determination of caseloads.
  • No reporting tools for pleadings.

By using iLaw:

- Increase lawyer productivity by Manage client content and communication in integrated electronic files.

- Will give lawyers the freedom to work on cases and documents from anywhere.

- Upload documents and emails, and synchronizing data in real-time.

- Automatic backups.

- Disaster recovery and data protection.

- Gives law firms flexibility and scalability without the high cost of on premise, server-based legal management infrastructure.

- Track changes to documents.

Key Features

  • Auto folder structure & Alerts
  • Audit Trail
  • Secure Trash
  • Full text search
  • Access Permissions

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